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POLICE BRUTALITY in the U.S. : Know Your Rights

Police Brutality: Know Your Rights

Criminology, or the study of crime and criminals, often evokes an image of seasoned law-breakers being put behind bars.  But as you pursue your criminology studies, you will likely begin to see that “crime” can some from some surprising sources—even those who are supposed to be enforcing the law, not breaking it: Namely, the police.

The following infographic examines the way in which police brutality toward civilians is becoming increasingly noticeable in modern society. Many believe that police brutality os not a new or even growing phenomenon—rather, people now have mobile means of capturing brutality on camera.  More and more people are taking it upon themselves to film police interacting violently with civilians. The result?  Police brutality is being brought to light in a whole new way.

This infographic offers case-by-case examinations of horrifying instances of police behaving violently  and even criminally toward members of the general public, whether or not they deserved the treatment.  Law enforcement is a taxing and difficult task, but when it comes to violent enforcement, how far is too far? Despite the fact that you do have a very specific set of rights to protect you from unjust treatment, sometimes, it seems, your rights won’t be enough to save you.

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